How to Build a Portfolio Website Using WordPress,HTML, CSS & JS.

A career person with a side hustle? An entrepreneur who want to showcase his/her craft to the world?.

A student entrepreneur? working class professional with strong personal brand and you want to showcase your brand and what you represent to the world?

Then you  need a professional modern responsive portfolio website to showcase your skills,talent and personal brand to the world.

"Learnbydoingng Learn how to build portfolio website for yourself and brand" will show you how to do just that.

The best part is that we will show you how to do this not just with WordPress but also with HTML,CSS + JS so you can go off knowing the best of both worlds. You will not just build this websites but we will show you how to get your hosting account,host your websites,update them both locally and live, and other needed skills that you need to troubleshoot your sites along the way

Are you ready to take the ride with us?

  • How to build two different Portfolio Websites for your brand one using WordPress and the other using HTML Css, Js and HTML framework skeleton.
  • You will learn how to define your project goals,objectives and requirement.
  • How to register domain and host account for your site.
  • Finding and installing the right theme that suits your project/theme customization
  • Creating your site pages and blog posts.
  • Pages/Posts Customization to suit your project desired look and feel.
  • Further Customization/Widgets.
  • Plugins Overview and how to use different plugins to extend the functionality of your site
  • How to build mobile and responsive portfolio website using HTML,CSS and JS and HTML Framework
  • You will also learn how to use SEO best practices to optimize your page tags,including title,meta and other sections of your site page to optimize it for search engines.

Option 1 - One on One Training

N30,000 Two Saturdays or 1 Saturday Plus 1 Sunday
  • You'll get One-On-One Hands on Training.
  • The One on One Training will be done over a period of three days two Saturdays starting 9am - 4pm.
  • Each Saturday will focus on one project
  • Weekday class can also be arranged between the trainee and the trainer.
  • You'll Build two business Websites + One Portfolio Website.
  • And you will learn how to replicate what you have learnt to build other websites of interest.
  • You Will Also Get Recorded DVD's/CD's of Your Training.
  • Plus Other Training Materials.

Option 2 - Recorded Training in DVD

N10,000 One off Payment
  • This package is for those who are too busy to take either option 1 or 3
  • You'll Get Recorded DVD's/CD's of How to build a business website training.
  • Showing you how to build your own business website
  • Including all the points highlighted above and our super bonuses.
  • You will also Get Course PDF files + Cheat sheets + Other Training Materials.
  • 6 Months after sales support in either your individual or professional project.
  • Free delivery anywhere in Lagos and a token to other parts of Nigeria

Option 3 - Group Seminar - Workshop Styled Training

N15,000 1 Saturday Plus 1 Sunday
  • This training will be open to a class of 10 participants.
  • Training will run over a course of two weekends Two Saturdays 9am - 5pm and Two Sundays 1pm - 4pm
  • Attendees will build two business Websites + One Portfolio Website Using WordPress +HTML,CSS and Js.
  • Course participants will earn their certificates after submitting their class project.
  • Plus 6 Months after training support on any project of your choice.

Claiming your digital space:   From Google to Bing and other search engines, you will learn how to claim your digital space for your websites.


SEO 101:   Here you will learn how to optimize your WordPress site using SEO plugin, Everything you need to door know about OnPage,OffPage and Technical SEO.


Google Analytic:  We will show you how to set up google analytic for your site and not just set it up but understand how to get the best out of it to understand your site visitors and tweak your marketing strategy.

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Please Note

  • Reserve your spot for any of our packages options by filling the form on this page.
  • Bank Payment details will be provider to you to make payment after filling the registration form.
  • Those paying for either option 1 or option 3 can pay 80% of the course fee and the remaining 20% before the last class session.
  • After Payment Please Complete this form providing some details of payment.
  • After the above one of our representative will contact you with details of your training or shipment of the training package ( for Option 2 clients)

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Mr Gabriel

“I needed a website for my Food Caterer business and a friend recommended Learnbydoingng "Build A Business Website Using WordPress Course".. I am gland that i did.

I not only learnt how to build Business Website using WordPress on my own, but team gave me all the support i needed throughout”

Do I need any previous knowledge to take this course?

No! you don't need any previous computing, webdesign or IT knowledge to take this course. All you need is the familiarity with your computer, the web and how the internet works... we’ll teach you the rest.

Can you explain Option 1 for me?

Option1 is simply a One-on-One training you will sit down just you and your trainer(or as the case may be, you and any other person that both of you agreed with to be part of the training.)


You will go through the training working on the first two projects on the first two days(be it on a weekend or any other day arranged between you and the trainer)


Then you will work on the last project on the last day of the training.

I work full time and always busy to fit into any of your course schedule, what option do you have for people like me?

If you can make out a weekend or even some days within the week, then option 1 will be more suitable for you. In a case whereby you're too busy for even a One-on-One session, then Option 2 becomes inevitable.

What is the difference between Option 1,Option 2 and 3?

Option 1 is One-on-One sort of arrangement, the training is just between you and the trainer. You will also get the recorded video of the training so you watch it over and over again.


Option 2 is for busy professionals or anyone who for some reasons do not have time for either One-on-One training that Option 1 offers or Group training that Option 3 offers. With Option 2, you will get recorded DVD/CD's of the training showing you step by step guide on how to build the Portfolio websites outlined in the course.


Option 3 will  be open to a group of 10 - 15 persons. each will individually work on their own projects.

In a summary what will i achieve at the end of the course?

At the end of course, using what you will learn, you will be able to do the following

  • Build two business websites for your business, ideas or project  using WordPress plus a bonus portfolio website.
  • You will know the in and outs of website design/hosting jargon's and everything you need to know about building a WordPress website.
  • You can take your craft further by using the skills you have acquired to build similar sites for businesses, individuals/organizations and brands.

How do i pay for any of the course options

On registration for any of the options, you will be provided with Our Bank Account details to make your payment.


You are expected to pay 70% of your fees and the remaining 30% before the last day of your class.


Those taking oprion2, which is ordering of our DVD/CD material are expected to pay 100% of the cost material before delivery.

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